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Fast Track Driving Test Booking

Fast Track Driving Test Booking Service

How to get an earlier driving test?

The Quick and Easy way is for us to find you a Practical Driving Test at the centre of your choosing.

We take the hassle out of finding and booking your driving test at the DVSA driving test centre of your choice.

Simply call us or use our Registration Form to make the arrangements to get you a much earlier and more convenient test date for your practical driving test.

We Guarantee that we can find you a test on the day and in the test center that you want or you get your money back.

At BDSL driving schools we specialise and work very hard so that we can find cancellation tests for our clients. Currently, the DVSA website for practical driving tests is booked up at some centres for periods in excess of three months. We have dedicated and specialised staff whose prime duty is to find driving test cancellation dates for our individual clients.

Fast Track Driving Test Booking

Please note BDSL is not part of the DSA nor is BDSL affiliated to the DSA nor do BDSL charge you extra for your practical driving test. Our fees are for finding and arranging the availability of all the parties for the practical driving test. The fees we charge for the driving test booking service is based on the circumstances surrounding the required booking and the urgent requirement of the student. There is no VAT chargeable on the DSA charge for the practical driving test, however, our practical driving test booking service fees will attract VAT. When we have discussed in detail your requirement we will give you a clear and detailed cost breakdown of the practical driving test booking service fee.

Why would you use our services rather than the DVSA services?

        • Bespoke client managed personal booking service
        • Quick and Easy no hassle practical driving test booking service
        • Free access to BDSL driving training consultancy
        • You get what you ask for and we do not book a test you are not 100% happy with
        • The Highly trained test booking team
        • Speak directly to a professional person, no time-wasting telephone queue
        • You do not need to book your own test we will do all the work for you


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Fast Track Driving Test Booking


You can find your own driving test at the DVSA website by following this link: https://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test

You can also change the date of your practical driving test by using this link: https://www.gov.uk/change-date-practical-driving-test

Please also have a careful read through our Terms and Conditions which can be found here: https://bestdrivingschoollondon.com/terms-conditions/

Below you will find a detailed and complete breakdown on how our practical driving test booking service works. It is incumbent on our "practical driving test finding team" to trawl the DSA website until they find a suitable practical driving test which the student is satisfied with and which meets the student's requirements. In cases where the practical driving test will need to be attended by our driving instructor at the end of a Pass-Guaranteed intensive driving course or where the test has been arranged to coincide with the culmination of an intensive driving course, it will be required that the "practical driving test finding team" liaise with the instructor as well to determine his availability.

Fast - Track practical driving test booking service procedure

Firstly you contact or register here BDSL and discuss in detail your requirements with our specialist sales team.

You will then be given a clear quote as to the cost of the services that you have requested.

If you wish to make use of our "Fast Track driving test booking service" you will be required to pay a deposit and provide us with all your details so that we can start looking for the required practical driving test, our test finding team will be trawling the DSA website and discussing possible test slots with the DSA call centre.

When "BDSL test finding team" find a practical driving test that meets your requirements, date range match, location match, and/or instructor availability, you will be offered the test by text message. Please note sometimes it requires your prompt response as the tests cannot be held on the system indefinitely.

If you do not respond to the "BDSL test finding team" in time the test will be forfeited and you will have to wait for the next practical driving test offer.

If you respond negatively, the test time is not suitable for one reason or the other, the test will not be held and it will be released. The test finding process will simply continue.

If you respond in a positive manner, i.e. you actually want the practical driving test which has been offered to you, BDSL will lock down the test in your name and provide you with all the DSA documentation confirming the appointment of the practical driving test booked for you.

A test is not booked onto your name under any circumstances unless you have confirmed the suitability of the test. BDSL requires your confirmation that the test is acceptable in as far as time and location is concerned.

It is important to remember that if for any reason you need to cancel or move the test which has been locked down onto your name, after your confirmation, BDSL will need to be given three clear working days notice (Saturdays are included, Sundays and public holidays are excluded) of the impending move or cancellation of the locked-down test. This requirement stems from a requirement that is imposed on BDSL by the terms and conditions of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

Please also be sure to familiarize yourself with our general terms and conditions as depicted at the following link; https://bestdrivingschoollondon.com/terms-conditions/

* Please note we are not part of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) nor are we affiliated to the DSA. BDSL driving instructors are Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) who are registered with the DSA and comply to the requirements as set out by the DSA from time to time. The DSA manages the register for ADI's and all aspects relating to practical driving tests. The DSA also carries out the tests for Approved Driving Instructors and does periodically request full CRB checks and check tests on ADI's. Please note that you can manually check for driving tests and make changes to your driving test date appointment at the DSA website, this is a free service offered by the DSA. DSA website Link.

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