2022 Christmas Gift Voucher

The perfect Christmas present 

Here at BDS London, we’re celebrating Christmas by releasing a number of special Christmas Driving deals for our customers, we cater for all stages of driving. This is a perfect gift for friends and family that are looking into learning how to drive or are only a few hours away from passing their driving test.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present ?What could be better than the gift of driving? You can purchase gift cards and vouchers for anything from 2 - 30 hours driving lessons.

Why not purchase driving lessons vouchers or gift cards for your loved ones this Christmas.

Customise your voucher with the option of gifting just lessons or whole courses, it’s entirely up to you.

Christmas Voucher Examples include:

Refresher Driving Courses

Our Refresher Courses are Designed for those who have either failed a test recently or have been told by an instructor that they are test ready. Refresh and go, available in the Greater London area.


Alternatively, the perfect gift for somebody who has their licence but just needs a confidence boost to get back on the road.


Driving Crash Courses & Intensive Course 

Why not gift a Driving Crash Course or a Intensive Driving Course this Christmas? Designed for those in a hurry to pass, available in the Greater London area.


Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons

Gift manual and automatic driving lessons this year to help that special someone start their driving journey or top up lessons to ensure they are ready for their all-important driving test. Whatever the reason, give the gift of independence this Christmas in London


FAST Track 'Test booking Only'
Gift for a FAST TRACK test booking anywhere in the UK

Gift Voucher Cost £11.75

Our Multiple Gift Voucher has a Variable value: Price £11.75  is all it costs

The Gift Voucher will reflect the following value exchanges for our courses;

On presentation of the Gift Voucher by the beneficiary the value of the Gift Voucher is as follows, to be used on 1 of the below, singular use only;


  • For a FAST TRACK 'Test Booking Only' (Get your test earlier)
    Gift Voucher Value £20.00


  • All intensive driving courses up to 10 hours including the Fast Track Test Booking
    Gift Voucher Value - £25.00


  • All intensive driving courses 11 hours to 20 hours including the Fast Track Driving Test Booking
    Gift Voucher Value £30.00


  • All intensive driving courses 21 hours and more including the Fast Track Driving test Booking
    Gift Voucher Value £40.00



T's and C's Apply

Gift Voucher Purchase

Christmas Gift Voucher - 2022

Tell us what greeting to use and who you would like to be the beneficiary of this amazing Gift.

Terms and Conditions

Small Print for this Gift Voucher: NB must Read - This Gift voucher is only valid until the 30th September 2023. If the Gift Voucher has not been used by the Beneficiary before 30th September 2023 it can be presented for a refund of £8.75 in total. In order to get a refund it needs to be claimed before 30 September 2023. A refund can only be claimed where the Gift Voucher has not been used previously. The Gift voucher must either be used before the expiry date mentioned, 30 Sept 2023, or it can be presented for the refund amount before the expiry date 30 Sept 2023. The refund can be claimed by the beneficiary on (written?) confirmation from the purchaser. The Purchaser is the person who bought the gift voucher and the Beneficiary is the person whom the purchaser gave the gift voucher to for their use.

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