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Join BDSL Driving School Franchise

As a driving school we are always on the look-out for experienced and Approved Driving Instructors to join our fast growing driving instructor franchise.

Benefits of a BDSL Driving Franchise:

  • FREE Franchise Agreement for qualified Driving Instructors
  • Hassle free contract cancel when you want to
  • FREE Students – Get as many Students from us as you can handle at no cost
  • NO Advertising costs
  • Guaranteed to be paid if your students cancel on you at short notice
  • You do not need to collect money from the students
  • Guaranteed payment structure for your lessons
  • No Student Fees to pay
  • Take Students as and when you need them to fill your diary
  • No penalties when your Diary is full and we give you too many students
  • All student admin and test bookings are taken care of by BDSL at no cost to the instructor
  • Tests booked according to the instructor’s preference as and when required for the student
  • Free online tutorials available to help with briefings
  • FREE Legal consultation for the instructors
  • Instructor does not need collect money from the students for the lessons

Sliding scale payment structure. Set minimum but you get bonus payments for your lessons, depending on your quality score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of franchise do you offer?

Our most basic franchise is FREE and has no cancellation fees or term.
We can tailor make a franchise on the basis of your own requirements. Either you can use one of our cars and we will arrange the insurance for you as well. You simply need to call us and we will discuss this with you. Our most basic franchise for the driving instructor is free, in this situation, the driving instructor will provide his own car and carry his own insurance.

What areas do you cover?

The most of our instructors are in and around London and greater London. The instructors who continually drive under our headboard, and have the best ratings will get prominent positions for our driving school franchise. However, our internal rating system which is based on student and client management feedback ensures that we use the best instructors all the time. If you are interested in our driving school franchise please simply talk to us about this. As previously mentioned our driving school franchise, the basic format of driving school franchise is free of charge.

Are all the driving instructors you have working to full capacity?

BDSL has a very high review status throughout the driving industry. We are constantly short of instructors who can do manual and especially automatic driving lessons. There are instructors on our books that have worked for us in excess of 10 years. These instructors are normally our higher paid grade instructors as they are very proficient and efficient at doing intensive driving course guaranteed pass and intensive driving courses. As we work on a feedback review grading system, which comes from the students and the administration staff, instructors with higher gradings have a greater offer of work within our system.

Realistically, how long do you think it would take a driving instructor who signed on for your driving school franchise to be above 35 hours per week of driving tuition?

We have had situations where the driving instructor’s diary is filled within two days of them having been approved to work for BDSL. It should not take more than about two weeks for a normal driving instructor to get sufficient work from BDSL to keep them busy. At the outset sometimes it may take a little longer. However, if an instructor feels that they are short of work, and it is not because of their internal grade and rating that they are being penalised, the client managers will quickly assist any driving instructors that do not have sufficient work.

How much is the driving school franchise weekly payment?

Our basic weekly franchise is free of charge. The driving instructor is only bound by our terms and conditions when they accept work from us. The driving instructor working for BDSL under the driving school franchise scheme that we have will be greatly rewarded by his diligent handling of the students and also the communication skills he displays towards the client managers. It is the ethos of the company to do the best they can for both student and driving instructor. Therefore the feedback programme creates a win-win situation for the student and the driving instructor.

When do I start paying driving school franchise?

As previously mentioned there is no payment required or driving school franchise. However, if you have arranged with BDSL to supply you with the car and/or driving instructor insurance there will be fixed charges which have been agreed between yourself and BDSL Ltd.