Guaranteed PASS Driving Courses London

PASS Guaranteed Driving Course London

Gauranteed Pass driving course

Do you like wasting time and money? Neither do we. That’s why, when it comes to passing your driving test, our PASS guaranteed intensive driving course is a no-brainer. Our courses are the quickest and easiest route to obtaining your driving licence; we even book both tests for you. All you need is your provisional driving licence, and we help you do the rest. Simply give us a call to arrange your quick evaluation lesson, and then with the help of our highly trained expert intensive course instructors, we will help you PASS your driving test in record time. You'll love the commitment our trainers have to see you join the other 81% of our learner drivers who pass the first time. We even book the tests on times and dates that suit you. 

Fast Track Driving Test Booking

The Guaranteed PASS Intensive Driving Course With BDSL

The Guaranteed Pass Fast Track intensive driving course is a bespoke service tailored to your ability and experience. Compared to other courses on the market, our solutions are fully flexible, have a better pass rate, and incredibly good value for money.

Thanks to our help, expertise, and the support that we give from start to finish we GUARANTEE to get you on the road as quickly as possible. Some of our students even manage to PASS within seven days of their initial phone call to us.

  • Our guaranteed PASS course includes:
  • FREE theory and hazard perception course material;
  • UNLIMITED help and tips for passing your theory exam;
  • Mock theory tests;
  • UNLIMITED theory tests; and
  • UNLIMITED amount of driving lessons and tests until you pass your driving test (conditions apply, see terms below).

Learn from the expertise of highly qualified instructors

Our specialist instructors make our courses what they are. We are incredibly proud of the dedication and commitment that they have to help you PASS your test. Their experience and expertise is the crucial part of making sure that you are driving test ready. It is thanks to them that 8 in 10 of our learner drivers pass the first time.

We always do our very best to help you pass your driving test in less than 14 days.

For more information about our intensive driving courses, call us today on our dedicated PASS line 020 7390 0688. Alternatively, if you fill in your details in the form below, one of our friendly advisors will be in touch to arrange your quick evaluation lesson.


Call us on our PASS line today. 020 7390 0688

Or click on the Book Now button, fill in a quick and easy form and we will contact you


Fast Track Driving Test Booking

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Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses FAQ's

Question: What happens after I have given my details?
Answer: An evaluation lesson of approximately 2hrs will be arranged, this is to determine the standard of your driving and your rate of learning. After the evaluation, you will be offered the Guaranteed Pass Driving Course which best matches your result. This will include a separate detailed signed contract which clearly states the responsibilities of the company Best Driving School London.

Question: How much does the Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses cost?
Answer: In a nutshell, the guaranteed pass course is subject to the evaluation to determine the student's driving proficiency, your learning speed and retention ability. We cannot give an exact figure for a Guaranteed Pass Intensive Driving Course unless a full evaluation has been done. However, our office staff can give you an indication of the cost based on your previous driving experience, but this will still be subject to an evaluation being done. We must do a complete intensive course evaluation to help us determine the level of your driving proficiency, your rate of learning, and how many bad habits or inappropriate procedures you have learnt. If you are someone who has never embarked on driving lessons before it is still possible for us to assess your ability and rate of learning with the intensive crash course Guaranteed Pass Driving Course. The contract that will be offered to you at the end of the assessment lesson will include all the terms and conditions applicable to the contract for the intensive guaranteed pass course which will be entered into between yourself and Best Driving School London Limited.

Question: Can I do a Guaranteed Pass Driving Course if I have never driven before?
Answer: Even if you are a complete ‘newbie’, it is still in our interests and even your interest, for us to do a full evaluation to give you the best price for our Guaranteed Pass Intensive Driving Courses. By doing a two-hour intensive course evaluation we will be able to determine your rate of learning and therefore offer you a course based on the results.

Question: How do I arrange a Guaranteed Pass Driving Course?
Answer: Simply call the office on 020 7390 0688 and discuss your requirements with our friendly staff. They will take down your information and then make the arrangements for your Guaranteed Pass Driving Course evaluation. Alternatively, click the book now button and fill in the quick & easy form.

Fast Track Driving Test Booking

Question: What happens if I fail my driving test?
Answer: If you fail your driving test on your intensive driving courses guaranteed pass we will get you back into a driving test within 14 to 21 days after having failed. The actual driving test booking is done by us, free of charge. You will only be liable for the DSA test booking fee. At the time of writing the information on the Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses, the cost of the practical driving test booking for an individual on a normal weekday is £62, and a weekend test £75. This may vary as the DSA increases the costs of their practical driving tests from time to time. Under the intensive driving courses guaranteed pass system, you will be given free lessons and tuition until you pass your practical driving test (subject to contact). Your lessons before your practical driving test, the car hire on the day of the test, and all the costs associated with the test booking, excluding the direct costs of the DSA, are all included in the Guaranteed Pass Driving Course.

Question: Is there a limit on the number of lessons I will be given?
Answer: There isn’t a limit on the number of lessons that you will be given on the Guaranteed Pass Driving Course. Our objective, when we enter into this type of course, is for you to pass your driving test. Doing this by completing an intensive driving course in as short as possible time frame. This is a guarantee to pass your driving test course; it is in our interest that you should be able to pass the test when you are presented for the practical driving test at the end of the initial course. If however, for some obscure reason, you are unable to pass the driving test at the end of the first sessions of the course, we will determine how many remedial lessons you require before sitting your next practical driving test. The remedial lessons are part of the Guaranteed Pass Course package, the instructor will ensure that you are test ready.

Question: How long will the Guaranteed Pass Intensive Driving Course take?
Answer: We try our best to have flexible and suitable lesson schedules to help you to pass in the shortest / most effective time. It is possible for us to guarantee you a test centre practical driving test date within 10 to 14 days of having contacted our offices. Our intensive course driving instructors are continually preparing students for their practical driving tests which have been booked through our guaranteed driving test booking service in under one week of having been contacted by the client. If you embark on a Guaranteed Pass Driving Course with Best Driving School London, we will do everything humanly possible within the constraints of the available systems to have you pass your practical driving test in under 14 days from the time that you have signed up for your guaranteed pass crash course. It is important that during the time that you are due to do you will Guaranteed Pass Intensive Driving Course that you are available for communication purposes so that we can set up the course with yourself.

Question: What do I get when I have a Guaranteed Pass Driving Course?
Answer: You get your driving licence! Plain and simple.


Call us on our PASS line today. 020 7390 0688

Or click on the Book Now button, fill in a quick and easy form and we will contact you


Fast Track Driving Test Booking