Guaranteed PASS Intensive Driving Course - London

Are you looking to "guarantee" a Driving test Pass? We at BDS London may have the answer you're looking for with our Guaranteed Pass Intensive Driving Course.

4 Reasons why to use BDS London for your Guaranteed Pass Intensive Driving Course? 

Reason 1 - We specialise in finding fast-track driving tests best that fits inside your schedule and matches your chosen driving course.
Reason 2 - We have been booking 'FAST track' tests for the past 20 years and we are still ongoing.
Reason 3 - When you sign up with BDS London you also get a dedicated client manager that looks after YOU. This includes your test bookings, allocating an instructor, and providing access to our online tutorial videos. Our Client managers offer continual and direct communication and support.
Reason 4 - BDS London makes the whole process quick and easy and takes the frustration out of dealing with anything concerning your journey to getting your licence. No need for you to concern yourself with the DVSA, finding an appropriate driving instructor, finding an appropriate theory test, finding an appropriate driving test, rebooking a possible test, and many other things that can go wrong when you are learning to drive.
Remember BDS London, its management, and client managers are experts dealing with all aspects of your learning-to-drive process.

"How can the Guaranteed PASS intensive driving course be the cheapest way to get my licence when the initial cost seems to be higher than other courses?"

The answer: Once the student and the driving instructor's (ADI) objectives align, as they do in this type of course, then the potential cost savings are significant.

The following steps are necessary to secure a guaranteed pass intensive driving course.

The first step is to sign up and request an evaluation for the guaranteed pass intensive driving course.
A client manager will contact you for a deposit which will then lead to an evaluation lesson.
The evaluation is normally 1 to 2 hours depending on your skill level.
During the guaranteed pass evaluation, the instructor will determine your proficiency and skill level.
Within 1 to 2 working days after the evaluation the driving instructor will supply you with a full report. The client manager will also provide you with a quote. This quote will cover two types of courses, meaning you can choose one of the following options;
Option 1 - pay and take the guaranteed pass course that has been offered at the given price, in which case your deposit will be applied to reduce the overall cost. This means your evaluation will be free.
Option 2 - Choose to take the intensive driving course which has been offered as an alternative. In this case, your deposit will be partially used to cover the evaluation.
Option 3 - Decide not to continue, with either a guaranteed pass intensive driving course or a normal intensive driving course. The evaluation amount will be deducted from your deposit and the balance refunded subject to administration fees.

The guaranteed pass intensive driving course is an exceptional and satisfying way to attain your driving licence because you have a secure and predetermined number of attempts already paid for in the course. When you opt for the guaranteed pass intensive driving course you enter into a three-way contract which is guaranteed by BDS London. Further, the instructor becomes part of the guarantee and therefore will align and ensure his objective is the same as yours. That is, to get you to pass your DVSA driving test as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to request further information with regard to the contract which is entered into in relation to the guaranteed pass intensive driving course.

There are many intensive driving courses available in London and the surrounding areas. These courses typically involve a combination of driving lessons and theory test preparation and are taught by experienced, "BDS London" qualified driving instructors.

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