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how can we better your experienc ein getting your driving licence

How can we better your experience in getting your driving licence?

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At BDS London we value our clients and their opinions. We've all been through the process of getting a driving licence and we know it can either be a good or a bad experience going through the process of getting your driving licence. Our goal as a driving school is to make sure YOU as the student have a good experience in getting your driving licence.


We value your opinion and that is why we have created a quick survey for you to complete.

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BUT WAIT, that’s not all.
As a thank you for taking the time to complete the survey we will give you FULL access to our Online Driving Test Tips Videos at no extra cost

We will give 2 Students a FREE 2 hour Mockup Test with one of our grade A driving instructors, including a full evaluation report. This Mockup Test will take place in and around the Chingford area.


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Which one of these do you regard as the most difficult obstacle to overcome in getting your driving licence?
Which one of these would you find more helpful?
Which one of these Slogans would appeal to you as a learner driver?
We are updating our Slogan and would appreciate your opinion

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