BDS London Intensive Driving Courses Price Guide

Intensive Driving Courses Price Guide

Intensive Driving Courses In London

Welcome to BDS London, where your journey to becoming a confident driver begins with us. At BDS London, we don't just teach you how to drive; we empower you with the skills and confidence to navigate the roads of London with ease. Understanding that each learner is unique, we embrace flexibility and personalization in everything we do, especially when it comes to pricing.

Your Personalized Driving Experience Starts Here

Our approach to pricing is as individual as you are. We believe that a one-size-fits-all model doesn't work when it comes to learning how to drive. That's why our pricing structure is designed to be adaptable, ensuring that you get exactly what you need, tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Tailored Pricing for Tailored Learning

Here's a glimpse into the key factors that will shape your personalized quote:

  • Transmission Choice: Whether you prefer manual or automatic, the type of transmission you choose plays a pivotal role in customizing your course pricing.
  • Theory Test Booking: Need assistance with your theory test booking? We've got you covered. This service can be seamlessly integrated into your quote.
  • Theory Tuition: Require extra attention for theory lessons? Our per hour theory tuition ensures you get the support you need, factored into your personalized quote.
  • Vehicle for the Test: Opt to use one of our vehicles for your driving test, adding convenience and comfort to your experience. This choice is reflected in your course cost.
  • Fast Track Test Booking: In a hurry to get your license? Our fast track test booking service can expedite the process, included as part of your tailored quote.
  • Congestion Charge Considerations: Depending on where your driving adventures take you, congestion charges may apply. We'll factor this into your quote if necessary.
  • Home Pickup Service: For ultimate convenience, our home pickup service for your driving lessons can be included in your custom quote.


Creating Your Unique Driving Journey

At BDS London, your driving journey is not just about learning; it's an experience crafted around your lifestyle, needs, and goals. Our friendly client advisers are more than just instructors; they are your personal guides in this journey. They will engage with you to understand your unique requirements, preferences, and aspirations. This understanding allows us to create a quote that fits you perfectly - like a glove crafted just for your hands.

Don't take Our Word for it

"Definitely recommendable.
A big shout out to my instructor Rajesh who helped me build my confidence to pass my practical exam. Not to mention how he was honest by telling me I have paid extra than I should have and saved me from unnecessary spending. And to Louise, I can’t say thank you enough for making all the arrangement, from finding me the perfect instructor to booking the earliest exam possible. More power to you all."
~ Monroe Gunda

"Louise was great at finding me an earlier test. She was extremely quick and very efficient. I strongly recommend her."
~ Emilia Sanchez

"Michaela was extremely helpful and efficient in organising driving lessons and tests for my daughter. I feel I definitely found the right driving school that offers more personal service than the larger companies would have done."
~ A

"Best driving school ever! You are assisted and supposed throughout the whole process of learning to drive and passing your driving test. Highly recommended"
~ Grace Ogedengbe

"Amazing support and did their absolute best to book my practical and theory test as early as possibly. Provided me with all the resources to pass everything!"
~ Tatenda Mhlanga

Ready to Start?

Before you explore our pricing guide, take a moment to envision your driving future with BDS London. Imagine the freedom, the confidence, and the sheer joy of mastering the roads of London. That future starts right here, with a conversation.

Intensive Courses Pricing Guide

10 Hour Course

from £633
  • Best suited for individuals with some prior driving experience who want to refine skills, prepare for tests, or receive focused training.

15 Hour Course

from £853
  • Ideal for those looking to enhance specific driving skills or prepare for a test with a focused approach.

20 Hour Course

from £1,072
  • Suitable for learners with some prior experience, offering comprehensive skill improvement and test readiness

25 Hour Course

from £1,295
  • Provides extra practice for confident driving and thorough preparation for practical tests.

30 Hour Course

from £1,524
  • Offers extended training for a strong foundation, increased confidence, and optimal test readiness.

35 Hour Course

from £1,750
  • Comprehensive training for learners seeking thorough skill development and test success.

40 Hour Course

from £1,981
  • Perfect for beginners, offering in-depth instruction, ample practice, and a strong foundation in driving.

Your personalized driving experience awaits. Fill in the quick form below to begin shaping your journey. With BDS London, the road ahead is not just about getting from point A to point B; it's about the confidence, empowerment, and personalized care you receive every step of the way.

Full Terms and Conditions Apply

Start Your Journey Today

  • What are your Test Centre preferences, if any. You discuss this later in consultation with your appointed client manager
  • (Please note the selected hours does not include the hours for the test day)
  • Knowing if you have done any tests before, or if this is your first test, will help us tailor make and assist you in choosing the best and most efficient way of quickly and easily getting you through the driving test.

FAST Track Test Booking Only

These are prices for Test Bookings Only. It does Not include Lessons, It does Not include Vehicle for the test, It does Not include a Theory test booking or Theory Study material

Weekday Test Booking

  • Price includes the DVSA fee & VAT

Weekend Test Booking

  • Price includes the DVSA fee & VAT

Emergency Test Booking

£228 - £241
  • Price includes the DVSA fee & VAT

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