The Near Miss: A Prelude to Serious Accidents

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On a crisp Thursday evening in London, a group of aspiring drivers gathers online, each eager to transform their understanding of driving into a ticket for freedom—namely, their driver's license. At BDS London's "Driving Test Tips" webinar, voices from diverse backgrounds share their experiences and learning curves. Among them is Paul, a newcomer to the roads of the UK, looking to navigate the complexities of obtaining his provisional license and beyond. As Paul interacts with the panel, including the insightful contributions from BDS’s own internal consultant and marketing manager, a broader narrative unfolds—a narrative about the often-overlooked incidents on our roads: the near misses.

A "near miss" in driving is not just a sign of a dodged mishap; it's an indicator of potential disaster looming around the corner. This article delves into the significance of these near misses, supported by statistical data, to emphasize their critical role in accident prevention and driver education.

Understanding Near Misses: Statistical Insights

Statistics show that most accidents on the road begin as minor errors or overlooked details. According to the Heinrich’s Safety Triangle, a model used globally since the 1960s, for every 300 near-miss incidents, 29 will result in minor accidents, and one in serious injury or fatality. This model underlines the cumulative nature of road safety risks, where seemingly trivial oversights can escalate into severe consequences.

In the UK, reported road traffic accidents that resulted in fatalities decreased by 17% in 2019 compared to the previous year. However, these figures do not account for the countless near misses that occur daily, which do not make it into official statistics but represent critical learning opportunities for drivers.

Lessons from BDS London’s Webinars

During BDS London’s weekly webinars, stories from participants like Fala Shade Mustafa illustrate common pitfalls. Fala struggled with practical tests due to unexpected pedestrian crossings—a near miss that could have ended differently had the driving examiner not intervened. Such incidents highlight the importance of vigilance, especially near pedestrian crossings and around the structural blind spots of a vehicle, like the A-pillars.

Another poignant example from the webinars involves a participant nearly falling asleep while driving—a dangerous state that drastically increases the risk of a crash. This scenario is not uncommon; studies suggest that drowsy driving is involved in approximately 20% of all serious car crash injuries. Recognizing the signs of fatigue and responsibly deciding to rest can be the difference between a safe journey and a catastrophic one.

Incorporating Webinar Insights into Driving Education

At BDS London, these real-life examples are integrated into our curriculum to enhance the learning experience. Our approach is not just about passing the driving test but fostering a culture of safety and awareness that extends beyond the test center. By understanding the implications of each near miss, our students are prepared to not only drive but also protect themselves and others on the road.

Every Thursday, we reiterate the importance of analyzing every driving decision and its outcome. Whether it's a wrongly estimated stop at a roundabout or a misjudged overtaking maneuver, each near miss is discussed in detail. We teach our students to ask themselves critical questions: What led to the near miss? What could have been done differently?


Near misses should never be dismissed as mere flukes or luck. They are clear indicators of potential hazards that need to be addressed immediately. By learning from these incidents, drivers can improve their skills and reduce the chances of actual accidents. At BDS London, we are committed to transforming these near misses from points of failure to powerful lessons in safety. Join us at our next webinar to engage in this vital conversation. Your journey to becoming a safer, more aware driver starts here. Visit our website for more details on how to participate in these life-saving discussions.


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