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You know what they say - sharing is caring! And at BDS London, we want to show you that we care. That's why we're offering a £100 Referral Bonus after every 20 successful referrals you make!  Refer a friend and get a Reward

Simple and Easy ways to claim your referals

  • Ask your friend to mention your name to the client manager
  • Enquire if your friends have signed up by mentioning their names
  • Get a referal link by filling in the form at the bottom of this page
    This referral Link can be placed on your whatsapp status, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram
    Not sure what to put on your socials, contact Loriska to assist in creating something for you to post. (contact info below)
  • Sign up for a Map Listing and get rewarded £100 for every 20 successfull signup.
    Speak to Loriska to get you set up (contact info below)
  • Have more idea, any questions or suggestions simply get in touch with Loriska to discuss options to help you make money.
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So what are you waiting for? Start sharing and get rewarded today!

Happy Referring! ❤️✨💯

*T’s and C’s Apply (found below this form)

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*Terms and conditions

£100 referral bonus payable after every 20 successful referrals

The bonus will be payable to the Referrer who has referred a person who became a client of BDS London as a result of the referral in order for BDS London to provide services of booking a driving test only or booking driving lessons only or booking an intensive driving course and practical driving test for the client.

A successful referral will be a person referred by the Referrer who books a

  • Practical Test Booking Only, the client pays and completes a Test Booking Only, TBO,  practical test
  • Driving Course consisting of lessons and a practical driving test, the client pays for the course, completes the driving course, concluding with a  driving test
  • Driving lessons only, a minimum of 10 hourly lessons booked and completed; lessons not part of or an addition to an intensive course booked with BDS London or its affiliate.

A successful referral date will be counted on the day of the practical driving test or the conclusion of the last driving lessons where 10 or more driving lessons were booked, not part of or an extension of an intensive driving course. 

The referrer can at any time request a record of his or her referrals. The list will be emailed to the referrer within 3 working days of requesting the same.

A referral fee reward can only be claimed once for an individual referred The referral reward cannot be used multiple times for the client referred even if the referred is referred by different referrals.

An unsuccessful referral, a referral not counted towards the 20 referrals to be eligible for the £100 bonus, can be a client who had been referred by the Referrer 

  • who has not concluded with booking a intensive driving course and test, or
  • who has not booked and paid for a Test Booking only,or
  • who has booked, paid for and cancelled a Intensive Driving Course before concluding with the practical test
  • who has booked, paid for and cancelled a  Test booking Only before completing the practical test
  • who has booked lessons but cancelled the lesson booking before conclusion of the  lessons so booked

The referral bonus will be payable into the Referrer’s nominated account the working day after the referral target has been met. Once a referral target has been met and the referral bonus has been paid any additional referrals will restart the count, previous referrals list will be voided, the full or part entries of the list will not be taken into consideration for the new referral list.

Full Terms and Conditions apply - read our full terms and conditions here