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Earn a £50 Gift Voucher today when you book your Summer Driving Course. 

Are you seeking an intensive driving course in London? Need to get on the road fast? Tired of waiting for the bus or asking for a lift? Wait no more! Here at BDS London we can get you on the road fast, with our tailored on road packages! This is what we do, hassle free fast driving courses that will include everything you need, simply quickly and easily achieved with the full time support of your own dedicated client manager.

This is the perfect opportunity to get ahead and allow us to help you get your licence, stress-free and in no time at all!

Getting your licence in the summer months is an extremely freeing experience. Better yet - We want to reward you for doing your summer course


What you get when You book Your Summer Break Driving Course.

  • £50.00 Gift Voucher**
  • Dedicated Client Manager (Bespoke VIP Service)
  • Get well ahead of the game by acting now
  • Fast Track Driving Test Booking Service
  • Intensive Fast Track Course
  • Theory Course Material
  • Fast Track Theory Test Booking
  • Opt in - for a lightning Standby Test
  • Opt in - for Guaranteed PASS driving Course

So enrol in our summer driving course today to ensure that you know the feeling by reserving your Summer course for as little as £75.00. Our experienced driving instructors can help you pass your theory and practical exams in just 2 weeks!

Today you make the booking so that we can get your driving test sorted for your Summer Break driving course. Then you can apply for the £50.00 gift voucher when you pay for the balance of your course.

A £50.00 gift voucher for your summer course. A licence and a treat, what more can one ask for!

Plan ahead and reserve your seat today. BDSL is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your licence in London. So put your trust in us when learning how to drive this summer. We have a 95+% success rate!

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  • Knowing if this is your first test or if you have done any tests before and when will help us tailor and choose the best and quickest test to suit your requirements and unique situation.
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    Terms and Conditions

    The Gift Voucher will be applied to your full course price when you book and pay fir your intensive course, which will include a driving course and practical driving test through Best Driving School London. The Gift Voucher is applicable to 12 hours or longer driving courses.

    The £50 voucher can be redeemed in terms of the last bit of your driving course or paid into your designated bank account after conclusion of your driving course. The £50 voucher cannot redeemed in terms of lessons before the full course balance is paid. The couse balance will be calculated in terms of the option of using the voucher towards the course balance or a voucher payable after completion of the course.

    The Gift Voucher is applicable to summer courses booked in terms of this promotion to commence on or after 12 April 2023, for the duration of this promotion.The promotion would available up to and including 12 April 2023, it would need be redeemed within a  6 months periiod, the course started on or before 12 October 2023.

    The BDS Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed if the driving course so booked is cancelled. Should the driving course be cancelled, the voucher value will not be included in the refund calculation, the Giftvoucer will be voided

    The Voucher can only be used once, per client. The voucher cannot be redeemed for monetary value or transferred.

    Our General Terms and Conditions will be applicable to Summer Courses booked in terms of this promotion. If a conflict exists between the Terms and Conditions of this promotion and that of the BDS's general Terms and Conditions, the Summer Promotion will take precedence.

    * Depending on customer skill level, lesson  and instructor availability

    ** A £50 gift voucher can be used to help pay for your course

    * Depending on your experience, the number of hours of tuition required and availability of the driving instructors

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