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Buckle up and start your engines because you're officially on board for the ride of your life – our exhilarating Summer Driving Course! 🏎️💨

A representative from our ultra-friendly Client Management team, who is as eager as you are to hit the gas pedal, will rev up their engines and reach out to you super soon! They're all ready to guide you in setting up your course dates and hand over the keys to your £50 voucher - consider it our pit-stop reward to you! 🏁💰

Don't forget to take a scenic route through our terms and conditions below! They are the road signs that ensure your journey with us remains smooth, safe and absolutely exhilarating! 🚦📜

Summer Promotion Terms and Conditions:

The Gift Voucher can only be applied to the full price of a car intensive course when booking and payment are made through Best Driving School London.

The car driving course price quoted includes a driving course and weekday practical driving test facilitated by Best Driving School London, driving lessons and test car use

The Gift Voucher is applicable only to driving courses of 15 hours or longer.

The £50 voucher can be redeemed either as a deduction from the final balance of your driving course or paid into your designated bank account after the conclusion of your driving course.

The £50 voucher cannot be redeemed towards individual lessons until the full course balance has been paid.

The course balance can be calculated either by using the voucher amount towards the course balance or by receiving a voucher payable after the completion of the course.

The promotion code ‘BDSSummer23’ must be quotes on booking the course to activate the promotion.

The Gift Voucher is valid for summer courses booked as part of this promotion, commencing on or after 20 June 2023, for the duration of the promotion.

The promotion will be available until and including 3 July 2023. The Gift Voucher must be redeemed within 6 months from the date of purchase of the driving course, and the course itself must commence on or before 12 October 2023.

Once booked the full course price would need to be paid on or before 3 July 2023 to redeem the Voucher. Additional hours, unused hours

If the driving course for which the Gift Voucher was used is cancelled, the voucher value will not be included in the refund calculation, and the Gift Voucher will become void.

The Gift Voucher can only be used once per client and cannot be redeemed for monetary value or transferred to another individual.

The Gift Voucher is only available for new BDS London clients, it is not available to existing course clients.

The Terms and Conditions of Best Driving School London's Summer Courses will be applicable to courses booked as part of this promotion. In the event of a conflict between the Terms and Conditions of this promotion and the general Terms and Conditions of Best Driving School London, the Summer Promotion Terms and Conditions will take precedence.

Please note that the number of hours of tuition required may vary depending on the customer's skill level and the availability of driving instructors.

** The £50 gift voucher can be used to assist in paying for your course.

For any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7390 0688 or contact your client manager directly.

We look forward to helping you on your driving journey!

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